Until the full schedule is ready, here is the list of proposed session.
Please rate them (only available for participants) so we can better understand what are the most expected sessions.

Integrating Google Search Appliance with Drupal

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The Google Search Appliance offers an integration of the Google search expertise with business related requirements.

We will be discussing our integration of Drupal with the GSA for all search on a Drupal Intranet site.

We'll shed some light on GSA specifics, GSA configuration and using GSA in your Drupal site.

This includes building the search results page, implementing facets, using the right meta data, requesting administrive actions by using the GSA API, etc.


For a mobile planet

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In this session, we will discuss the current state of the web and it's compatibility with new platforms. All topics handle web technology in general.

Some highlights include:

  • Mobile web design anti-patterns
  • Designing in the browser
  • jQuery or not?
  • Responsive images
  • Content strategy

Configuration management in Drupal

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Drupal website configuration is typically stored in the database, which makes management and deployment of this configuration hard. During this session, we will go over the pitfalls of configuration management and explain a proven solution to this problem in Drupal 7.

Topics will include:

  • Install profiles
  • Settings files
  • Features and Strongarm
  • Concept of a "Controller" module


Next to that, we will discuss the out-of-the-box facilities of Drupal 8 for configuration management.

Apache Solr - Intuitive search.

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In this session I want to present you  how to build your intuitive search for each user or group of users.

How to increase the relevancy level by user or by some specific criteria on query time.

And how to promote specific content on top of search results.

All of  these  in Apache Solr.