Until the full schedule is ready, here is the list of proposed session.
Please rate them (only available for participants) so we can better understand what are the most expected sessions.

Behavior Driven Development with Drupal

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BDD (Behavior driven development) is an evolution of classic test driven development. Opposed to TDD, you start by describing how your software should behave under certain scenarios using a language that everyone can undestand:

  •     Given that I am on the search page
  •     When I fill in "search-keywords" with "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I press "search"
  •     Then I should see "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I should see "Alexandru Badiu"


Introduction to Drupal

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This talk offers a general introduction to the Drupal product and its ecosystem and is mainly targetted at new Drupal developers, business consultants, project managers and strategists. No actual technical background is required for this session.

Topics contain:

  • History of Drupal and introduction to the Drupal community
  • Overview of main Drupal concepts and ways of structuring content
  • Functional and technical features
  • Product lifecycle
  • Underlying software stack
  • The future of Drupal


Search api for Drupal 7

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Every successfull site needs a performant search which fits the user requirements when it's about speed and user friendly interface.

Drupal core serach module in Drupal 7 is great for building simple search pages however it's configuration options it's fairly limited.

In this session you'll see how achive a more flexible and powerfull search by replacing the core search with Search API and additional modules.

Writing various ajax forms

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Together with Rosian Negrean we'll demonstrate from how to write more simple ajax forms (for beginners) to how to use some of the more common ctools functionalities to make our site work better.

In addition there will be a demo that teaches how to use ctools plugins with ajax forms.

You can download the example module below.
Please after download rename it by deleting "_.txt" ending. ( I wasn't allowed to upload compressed file types, only text)