The Drupal motto is "Come for the software, stay for the community". In the Drupal Community track, we will discuss how to strengthen and grow the community.

In recent years, and with the increasing success of Drupal, the community has been organizing itself in different organizations, at global level (the Drupal Association) and at regional/national level. How do we share this experience with each other? How should the DA interact with the lower level organizations and better involve the community?

Main theme

Integrating new contributors
An important element of the growth of the community is the integration of new contributors. How do we train new developers? What can be done to introduce Drupal development in university curricula? How do we ensure that new developers can contribute to Drupal Core? How do we avoid the burnout of the existing developers?

Drupal is a flexible framework that can be used to develop fantastic solutions, but that doesn't mean that outside innovations are useless. How should the community open itself to collaborating (or even competing) communities?


Everyone who is interested in the Drupal community.


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