Coding and Development

The Coder track is designed to facilitate communication between developers that write code for their projects or Drupal. We are interested in sessions that focus on Drupal 7 and are looking for three categories of presentations: Drupal core, Drupal contrib, and solutions in other projects or technologies that Drupal can learn from.

A good Coder track session should introduce people to new tools and techniques or expand on existing tools and techniques to make developing for Drupal better and easier. Leaving a session, people should want to run to the nearest computer and start writing code based on what they just learned. Most sessions should include at least some sample code.

Main themes

Leveraging Open Source
What can we learn from other web developer communities and how can we integrate existing solutions in Drupal projects via web services or libraries.

Leveraging Drupal 7
What new options and capabilities are available now that haven't been before, and how do we do amazing things with them?

Contributed Advantage
Leverage the vast array of Drupal contributed modules to make better sites better. For example, show developers how to interact with contributed module APIs like Views and Panels.


All levels of Drupal skill and experience, but it is assumed that they are already familiar with PHP and Web development in general.

Behavior Driven Development with Drupal

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BDD (Behavior driven development) is an evolution of classic test driven development. Opposed to TDD, you start by describing how your software should behave under certain scenarios using a language that everyone can undestand:

  •     Given that I am on the search page
  •     When I fill in "search-keywords" with "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I press "search"
  •     Then I should see "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I should see "Alexandru Badiu"


Writing various ajax forms

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Together with Rosian Negrean we'll demonstrate from how to write more simple ajax forms (for beginners) to how to use some of the more common ctools functionalities to make our site work better.

In addition there will be a demo that teaches how to use ctools plugins with ajax forms.

You can download the example module below.
Please after download rename it by deleting "_.txt" ending. ( I wasn't allowed to upload compressed file types, only text)


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