Behavior Driven Development with Drupal


Alexandru Badiu

Software Engineer @ Demotix / Corbis
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BDD (Behavior driven development) is an evolution of classic test driven development. Opposed to TDD, you start by describing how your software should behave under certain scenarios using a language that everyone can undestand:

  •     Given that I am on the search page
  •     When I fill in "search-keywords" with "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I press "search"
  •     Then I should see "Behavior Driven Development with Drupal"
  •     And I should see "Alexandru Badiu"


This session will cover:

  • 1. Why BDD is so great for everyone.
  • 2. An introduction to BDD.
  • 3. How to write feature tests.
  • 4. How to integrate Behat / Mink with Drupal.
  • 5. How to extend the framework for your custom needs.
  • 6. How to do cross browser testing in the cloud using Saucelabs.
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