Arena Hotel

~ 15 mins walking to venue (view map)

Prices for DrupalCamp

Single room 4* 40 euros/night

Single room 3* 33 euros/night

Double room 4* 49 euros/night

Double room 3* 44 euros/night

The Arena Hotel Complex was created in order to satisfy the need of improving the accommodation services offered by the Târgu Mureş area hotels. Due to the limited capacity of four stars accommodation in the city, Arena Hotel is a completely new investment which benefited by the neoteric vision of a young architect.

Arena Hotel is situated close to the centre of the city within the sports ground area, across the new skating rink and the Sport Arena. The exterior appearance of the building successfully combines two different architectural styles, in a unique development from classic to modern. The interior of the hotel pursues an elegant and hospitable line, thus offering the client a relaxing oasis at the end of a busy day. One might say that the four stars of the hotel reflect the four basic characteristic of Arena Hotel Complex that is: hospitable, quiet and select atmosphere, that welcomes you form the reception, the power of the details and the quality of the subsidy in each room, the professionalism of the qualified personnel that has a 24 hours a day friendliness towards assisting our guests.

The fourth star is the one that differentiate our hotel form other hotels in Târgu Mures are and is represented by the restaurant whose unique menu guides you in a journey through the delicious flavors of the international cuisine. The hotel offers a wide current list of direct and complementary services from the tourism area: from the conference room and its high technology subsidies to the leisure facilities within our own sports area.